WATCH: Midnight Emotions Come to Life in Caleb Groh’s “Let It Groh”

In the description for Caleb Groh’s latest EP, Hot Pop, he describes the album as a mixture of midnight angst and the endemic species of the world. The video for the album’s first track, “Let It Groh,” is a direct derivative of this combination.

The video, shot by filmmaker Jorby, takes place in a dark hotel room, and features Groh alongside two cowboy hat-clad friends (the endemic species of Nashville) wrestling, or faux-gunslinging against, the feelings accompanied by inner rivalry. Two parts playful and one part melancholy yield a dreamy, relatable landscape represented by exaggerated expressions and normal, yet symbolic, happenings. If you’ve ever lay awake with the racing, temperamental mind that accompanies an emotional standoff, then this video will speak to you.

You can stream and purchase Caleb Groh’s Hot Pop, as well as the rest of his catalog, here.

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