TIDAL x Stem Direct Artist Payouts Program

TIDAL is expanding access to every fan, and experimenting with new royalty distribution models, and new ways for fans to support artists directly simply by listening.  

Starting today, everyone can access HiFi sound for $9.99 (price varies globally), because there’s nothing like your fans being able to hear your tracks as you intended them to sound.

Since joining the Square family, TIDAL has been exploring new ideas to empower artists and their careers.  As part of the HiFi Plus tier, TIDAL is partnering with Stem to introduce the Direct Artist Payouts program.

This innovative program aims to give artists access to a new revenue stream by allocating up to 10% of a HiFi Plus subscriber’s fees to that account’s top streamed artist. The Direct Artist Payouts program will allow artists to benefit directly from the success of their work on TIDAL.  

Starting in January 2022, TIDAL’s new fan-centered-royalties model on its HiFi Plus tier helps ensure that TIDAL subscribers’ fees are paid out based on the songs they actually listen to versus an aggregate pool like regular royalties.

Empowering artists has always been the core to Stem’s mission.  We’re excited to be a trusted partner of TIDAL’s for this beta program.

To find more information you can apply today or visit TIDAL.com/ForArtists.

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