Having great content is important, and understanding how to market it digitally is key. Social media and streaming platforms provide countless ways to create a unique, personalized experience that allows fans to enter your world. By tailoring your channels to match who you are, you extend beyond just the creative content you put out and tell a story that allows fans to participate on a deeper level. The result can be more conversation, interaction — even streams & downloads.

In this post, we discuss some key ways in which you can make the most of engaging with your fans online. These examples are clever, tried and true ways to create memorable experiences for an engaged fanbase.


Create and share audio messages or unique audio tracks for fans on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is not only a great way to distribute music, but it’s also a unique way to use voice messages and get interactive through audio.

We’ve previously written about how ZHU cleverly announced his first U.S. tour by prank calling a ticket scalper to ask why his own shows sold out and posting the results via SoundCloud. The “track,” which has no music, amassed over 210K streams and over 1.2K likes straight from his fans.

Another great example is how Masego created a fun thank you message for his fans to get them excited for what’s ahead, generating nearly 50K streams and over 300 shares.

If you have a strong following on SoundCloud across other digital service providers, try experimenting and sharing something for fans beyond music as a way for them to leave comments and interact with you within the track waveform, just as they would when interacting with a music track.

Pin content to highlight on your Spotify profile with “Artist Picks”

On Spotify, you can highlight a track, album or playlist by pinning it to the top of your artist page for two weeks. You can even include a short message for your fans about what you’re pinning and why, and switch things up whenever you want.

Chicago-based producer duo, Win and Woo, utilize this feature to highlight the playlist placement of their single, “Gold,” on their Spotify profile alongside the track itself as their most recent release.



Head here to learn more about customizing your Spotify profile.

Instagram and Facebook Live

Instagram and Facebook Live are increasingly becoming great outlets to stay in touch with fans, whether you’re hopping on spontaneously or planning a Q&A at a set time.

We’ve seen producers like Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze hop on to do a beat battle and R&B artists like Khalid preview songs before they’re released, giving fans something to look forward.

DJ Jazzy Jeff has taken it a step further and used Facebook Live to broadcast his #PlaylistSessions. For the past few years, Jeff has hosted a “Playlist Retreat” in his home and studio where he invites his favorite artists, DJs and producers to spend a week with the legendary DJ to create, collaborate and share their passion for music.

“I’m always looking for creative new ways to connect with fans,” says Jeff. “Every time I share something on Facebook Live, I get instant feedback from fans. I can hear what fans are saying and respond to them in real time. That level of direct engagement is priceless.”

No matter what you want to share – sneak peeks of new tunes or behind-the-scenes glimpses, the ephemeral nature of Facebook Instagram Live makes it easy to pop in and make fans feel like they’re right there with you.

Upload content beyond music videos on YouTube

Music videos are great, staple content for fans to consume your music, but you can step it up a notch and try vlogs or a personal, experimental series to give fans an insider take.

We like how DJ and singer-songwriter SoSuperSam has created a vlog series “Things & Stuff” to also showcase her personal side and style to her fans. If it feels appropriate for your audience, creating video blogs like these can be a great way to invite your fans to get to know you on a deeper level.

If you are uploading music content, read our guides on the dos and don’ts of promoting your music on YouTube and why YouTube matters to musicians.

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