The Ultimate Image Size Guide For All Major Music Platforms

Music benefits from clean, consistent imagery across all social and streaming channels, unburdened by pixel grain or a crop job that leaves artwork off-center. Whether creating artwork yourself or receiving help from a designer, there are some important sizes and instructions worth referencing before release day.

In hopes of making your life easier, we scoured the internet to aggregate current image upload standards. Here’s our ultimate image size guide for all major music platforms.

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Can I Edit My Splits & Metadata After Uploading to Stem?

It is possible to make edits on metadata. For splits, we recommend having everything agreed upon prior to uploading. When a split is edited in the application, it reverts that content's contract back to 'Pending,' meaning all shareholders must accept their splits again. This can hold up payment for at least one month while the changes are made. If you have edits you would like to make to your content, please email [email protected]

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How Long Does It Take for My Content to Post to Each Platform?

Stem requires a minimum of 5 business days in order to get your content live on your selected platforms.

If you would like to pitch for playlisting consideration, your release must be submitted to our system 30 days prior to your intended release date.

If you upload your content after the listed deadlines, our system will deliver it to all of your selected platforms, but we cannot guarantee that your release will go live on each platform by your intended release date.

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What Services Integrate With Stem?

Stem currently works with Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Pandora, Saavn, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Content ID & YouTube Art Tracks.

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