Stem’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the holidays can be incredibly rewarding: from the feeling you get when you find the perfect gift, to seeing the look on someone’s face when they open it, giving is one of the most rewarding parts of the holiday season. However, thanks to the astronomical number of options and places to buy (thanks, Internet!), holiday shopping can also be a source of crippling stress.

Fortunately, our team here at Stem has been hard at work, scouring the Internet for the coolest gifts for all the entertainment industry-related folks in your life. We’ve rounded up our findings in our gift guide below, including presents for all those who love to consume or create music and video, and those who are behind the scenes making it all happen.

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For the Music Lover

Gifts Under $25

The FADER 100 BitTorrent Bundle (Free with Email Subscribe)

You can read all 100 issues of The FADER via BitTorrent Bundle.

Earlier this year, FADER teamed up with BitTorrent Bundle to release their entire catalogue in celebration of their 100th issue. A pivotal voice in music that’s featured everyone from Lana Del Rey to Ratking on its cover, FADER is the perfect read for those who appreciate uncovering the new cool in music while absorbing the culture that surrounds it. Plus, with its free price tag, the FADER BitTorrent Bundle is a great option for someone who wants to be thoughtful on a budget.

Mad Decent Drip Subscription ($10/month)

Get hooked up with exclusive remixes, mitxtapes and party invites from Mad Decent.

Drip is a platform reinventing fan clubs as we know them through exclusive content, and Mad Decent is a record label that aims to bring new genres and cultures to light and is home to artists such as Diplo and Dillon Francis. The two together is an unbeatable combination of groundbreaking music and cool content. With this Drip subscription, the recipient has access to exclusive remixes, mixtapes, and live sets and invites, guestlist and giveaways from the Mad Decent crew.

Doppler Labs’ DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs ($24.99)

The perfect gift for your friend who loves live music, but does not enjoy wearing earplugs. With Doppler Labs’ DUB Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs, concertgoers can enjoy high-quality live sound while protecting their hearing. Plus, these are available with Amazon Prime.

Gifts Under $50

VNYL Subscription ($39)

You can never go wrong with giving the gift of the music. With this VNYL subscription, your music-loving friend can pick out three, brand-new records from the hand-curated VNYL music library and have them delivered directly to their door. Thoughtful AND convenient.

One-Month Jukely Pass + 1 ($45)

Jukely, available in almost 20 states nationwide, is the perfect gift for your friend who attends a LOT of concerts. With this subscription, the recipient and a guest will be able to attend unlimited shows for an entire month. With a gift this great, we’re positive you’ll be able to score the +1 slot at any show your friend decides to go to.

Electric Love Blueprint — A History of Electronic Music ($37)

For the electronic music fanatic in your life, pick up this incredibly-detailed circuit-paper poster. The blueprint itself maps out the influence of over 20 inventors, artists, composers musicians on the electronic music sphere. Great for nerding out and for adding a nice piece of art to any home.

Gifts Under $100

Looped Visions from Ghostly X brandnewnoise ($92)

When Ghostly founder, Sam Valenti IV is curating something, you know it’s bound to be great. Enter Looped Visions, the fun and friendly instrument that allows you to record, tweak, loop and play back any sounds you like. Featuring designs by Brandon Locher, this novelty instrument is beginner-friendly and perfect for any level musician.

Ableton Live 9 Intro ($96)

For your music-loving friend who’s ready to begin dabbling in their own music-making, gift them Ableton Live 9 Intro. This version of Ableton is the perfect gateway into composing, producing, DJing, and remixing and allows users to record up to 16 tracks in a given song at up to 32-bit/192 kHz. Also, it comes with three software instruments, 26 effects and 4 sound libraries to get them started.

Lionel Richie Hello Tea Pot ($100)

A great gift for the music lover in your life who happens to love Lionel Richie, tea and a good pun.

For the Music Lover With Kids

Gifts Under $25

The Indie Rock Coloring Book ($6)

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about cool bands. Created by Montreal-based nonprofit Yellow Bird Project, this tribute to the DIY spirit of indie bands features hand-illustrated coloring pages for artists like the Shins, Rilo Kiley and the National. Finally, a gift that both kids AND parents can enjoy.

Vinyl Collection Puzzle ($24)

For the vinyl fanatic who’s looking to spend some time matching up puzzle pieces instead of digging through the crates. This 550-piece puzzle showcases LP sleeves from iconic artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley and Prince. Guaranteed to last the puzzle-doer at least the length of two LPs, if not more.

Justin Timberlake Baby Onesie ($25)

Just like it’s never too early to start teaching kids about cool bands, it’s never too early to establish a new Justin Timberlake fan.

Gifts Under $50

Katy Perry #LeftShark Status T-Shirt ($30)

For your friend who can’t get enough of pop music, gift them Katy Perry’s #LeftShark Status T-Shirt — because when is one *not* in a #LeftShark mood?

Rock Band Pillows ($42)

If the kids you are buying gifts for are too young for real instruments, get them started with this Rock Band Pillow Set. The best part? No loud noises for the parents (from the instruments, at least).

The Beatles Vans Authentic for Toddlers ($35)

Sorry, Beatles fans, the adult sizes in these sneakers are all sold out.

Gifts Under $100

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator ($59)

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator is the size of a small calculator and comes complete with animated graphics, synthesizer engines, sync, punch-in effects, a built-in speaker, and an alarm clock. This is a great gift for kids and parents that makes creating electronic fun and simple.

Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System ($62)

Not only is playing music for babies in the womb beneficial to their development, but it’s the perfect chance to start them early with their music obsession. There are a lot of great albums out there, and no time to waste. The Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System also comes complete with adhesive, so the mom-to-be can easily play her favorite songs for the future music lover.

Katy Perry’s Kitty Purry Bathrobe ($70)

An ode to Katy Perry’s cat, Kitty Purry. Let your music-obsessed friend channel their pop-star spirit animal with this amazing bathrobe.

For the Video Creator

Gifts Under $25

YouTube Red Subscription ($9.99/month)

For the friend who cannot get enough of creating or watching videos, YouTube Red is the perfect gift. With ad-free watching and the ability to play in the background, this is bound to be the video fanatic’s favorite gift this year.

The Wes Anderson Collection ($23)

For a little filmography inspiration, get the video creator in your life The Wes Anderson Collection. This book is guided by Wes Anderson himself alongside movie and TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz and features behind-the-scenes photos, and insights into some of Anderson’s greatest films. Plus, it’s available with Amazon Prime.

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod ($14)

You never know when a good shot is going to come up. With this portable, flexible tripod, your video-making friend can shoot steady, quality footage anywhere.

Gifts Under $50

World’s Most Amazing Video Editor Travel Mug ($26)

… Because it’s not official until it’s on a coffee mug.

Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics ($44)

Regarded as an essential book for aspiring directors and filmmakers, Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics is perfect for any video creator honing their craft.

Remote-Controlled Drone with HD Camera ($47)

Drone footage is becoming more and more popular. Help the video creator in your life take their footage to new heights (literally) with this remote-controlled drone and HD camera.

Gifts Under $100

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens ($80)

It’s no secret that iPhone cameras are just as good, if not better than, a lot of conventional cameras on the market. With the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens, video creators and photographers can enjoy fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro lenses, all in one.

Personalized Directors Chair ($80)

There’s no better way to recognize someone’s hard work than with a personalized chair.

Polaroid Cube HD Lifestyle Action Video Camera ($100)

This extremely tiny camera — seriously, it can fit in the palm of your hand — is the perfect gift for the video creator who doesn’t always want to carry their camera equipment around. With an HD lens, the Polaroid Cube will capture great footage without weighing its owner down.

For the Social Media Star

Gifts Under $25

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story In a Noisy Social World ($18)

This is a gift every social media aficionado needs to have in their library. New York Times Bestselling Author, Gary Vaynerchuk, offers invaluable insights into the world of social media and how content creators can develop a unique presence within the saturated marketplace.

Shrug Emoji Sweatshirt ($24)


Personalized Twitter Or Instagram Handle Necklace ($21)

Available on Etsy, this necklace is the perfect gift for your friend who’s big on Twitter or Instagram. The shop owners even allow for you to choose from a wide array of fonts and styles, so it’s easy to make this gift fun and personalized.

Call My Agent Cropped T-Shirt ($16)

When their time is eaten up by Tweeting, Snapping, YouTubing and Instagramming, it’s probably a good idea to direct questions for the social media star in your life to their agent.

Gifts Under $50

What Are Those Baseball Cap ($26)

If they’re a social media star, they’re sure to love Internet trends. Don’t be surprised if people start to approach them asking, “WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?”

If you’re confused, watch this.

SIMPLcase for iPhone 5/5s ($30)

If someone is focused on social media, their sim card is bound to get filled up with all of the snackable content they’re creating. With this handy iPhone case, they can now safely carry around multiple sim cards.

2 Chainz’s Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater ($35)

… Because “dabbing through the snow” actually has a pretty nice ring to it.

If you’re confused, watch this.

Or this and this.

Or look at this.

Gifts Under $100

Grumpy Cat Mona Lisa On Stretched Canvas ($70)

A home really isn’t complete without some fine art.

Selfie Toaster ($70)

Selfie Level: Expert. This toaster is a great novelty gift for your friend who may be a little bit selfie-obsessed.

For Your Manager or Agent

Gifts Under $25

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles ($11)

The War of Art is a fantastic and inspiring read for artists, managers and agents alike. A source of inspiration for many members of the Stem team, this book discusses barriers to creativity and how to effectively move past them.

People I Want to Punch in the Face Book ($5)

… You know, just in case the list gets really long.

Smartphone Desk Mount ($12)

Holding your smartphone is not efficient, but having a mount do it for you, is. This mount is perfect for a desk, but can also be used on tables, in the car, and just about anywhere you can think of.

Gifts Under $50

Coffee For Two Bundle from Ghostly International ($50)

Give your manager or agent the gift of productivity with this coffee and mug set from Ghostly International. Also, since it comes with two mugs, you can automatically call dibs on one when you drop by the office.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit ($29)

The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit is not only extremely practical, but is a nice, understated way to hint to your agent that you want to go on a world tour.

Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression ($53)

Blue Note is known for signing incredible artists and pioneering new techniques in the recording industry. Get this book for the members on your team to do some heavy research on what it takes to succeed in the music business.

Gifts Under $100

mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6/6s ($98)

There is nothing worse than your smartphone dying at an inopportune time, and with the mophie Juice Pack Plus, it no longer needs to happen. Help keep your team’s productivity up with this practical gift.

Apple AirPort Express ($99)

Never worry about a poor WiFi signal again. With the Apple AirPort Express, it takes seconds to set up a new WiFi network, so your team can get back to closing awesome deals.

One-Year Headspace Subscription ($96)

A clear mind is a beautiful gift, indeed. Treat your team to a one-year Headspace subscription so they can relax and find balance (which will ultimately lead to better work) all the time.

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