Stem Grammy Brunch Recap

A few weeks ago, we brought together our extended family of artists, managers, and industry execs to kick-off the 2020 Grammys over Spicy Fusilli and Tiramisu. Held at Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax (Stem’s go-to lunch spot), we cut through the noise of the traditional slew of events by creating a space for our community to exchange ideas and connect!

Thanks to MedMen, Wave Meditation, Ritual Vitamins and Beekeeper’s Naturals for helping us keep our guests healthy & inspired.

All digital photos taken by Free Orihbhaor. Film photos shot by our guests!

Our heart goes out to the family & friends of J Scott.

Wendy Day (Rap Coalition) & Jen Massett (Spotify)
Avi Dahan (Boyarski Law Film) & Tyler Henry (The Henry Bros)
Charleton Lamb (Spotify) & Matt Wong (Wave Meditation)
Milana Rabkin (Stem), Jbeau Lewis (UTA), Bruce Flohr (Redlight) & Kristin Graziana (Stem)
Bruce Flohr (Red Light Management) & Jbeau Lewis (UTA)
Stephanie Matsuba (Community), Nada Taha (GoodCopBadCop) & Jason Zerden (Stem)
Phil Toronto (VaynerMedia) & Travis Garret (Agency 99)
Nada Taha (GoodCopBadCop)
Milana Rabkin (Stem), Rosa Asciolla (Spotify), Lucy Davidson (Spotify), Jamil Davis (The Revels Group) & Liam Akiva (The Revels Group)
Jbeau Lewis (UTA), Chris Anokute & Grace Segundo
Jared Blashinsky (88 Rising), Jenaux & Seth Faber (Stem)
Derek Sanderson (RocNation), Natalie Sellers (Stem), Ellison Abbott (Red Light Management) & Abhi Kanakadandila (Stem)
Vince Phillips (Philips & Arrington) & Mark Ciccarelli (Morgan Stanley)
Rosa Asciolla (Spotify)
John-Paul Morray (Revels Group)
Seth Faber (Stem) & JJ Italiano
Milana Rabkin (Stem) & Jeremy Gruber (Friends at Work)
Wendy Day (Rap Coalition) & Jen Massett (Spotify)
JJ Italiano, Seth Faber (Stem) & Matt Medved (Spin)
Derek Sanderson (RocNation), Natalie Sellers (Stem) & Abhi Kanakadandila (Stem)
Matt Devine (Cameo) & John-Paul Morray (Revels Group)
Jamil Davis (The Revels Group)
Phil Toronto (VaynerMedia)
Nada Taha (GoodCopBadCop) & Derek Sanderson (RocNation)
Natalie Sellers (Stem) & Tara Fortunato (Pollack Music Group)
Jenaux, Seth Faber (Stem), Joe Ades (BReal) & Steve Lobel (We Working)
Steve Lobel (We Working), Jason Zerden (Stem), Judson Wallace (Goldman Sachs) & Travis Garrett (Agency 99)
MedMen, Wave Meditation, Ritual Vitamins, Beekeeper’s Naturals
Team Stem

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