All the Ways to Keep Your Spotify Profile Looking Fresh

As music storefronts open up and become more editable, it’s tough to not consider them to be social networks in and of themselves.

When a fan lands on your page, do they see engaging imagery? Is there a complete, informative bio? Does the profile appear to be regularly updated? These questions can apply to any type of feed, whether it be Instagram, Twitter or Spotify.

Before you read any further, make sure you’re enrolled in Spotify For Artists here to get access to valuable streaming data, insights on fans, and most importantly — the ability to update your Spotify profile.

With Spotify For Artists making it easy for artists to control the look and feel of their individual profile pages, it’s important for artists to utilize the tools at their disposal and make their Spotify profile page a priority. Read on to get informed on all the ways you can keep your Spotify profile looking fresh. For more on how to optimize your images for Spotify and every other platform, check out our Ultimate Image Size Guide for All Major Music Platforms.

Update Your Profile Image

Your Spotify profile image can often be your first impression to a new fan, and a simple refresh can help your page stay on-brand and up-to-date. Imagery’s cohesion with the music it’s accompanying can make a world of difference for a listener’s experience, and can be a deciding factor for whether or not they’re intrigued enough to hit the follow button.

If you’re promoting an album or new release with specific imagery, make sure your Spotify artist profile reflects your most current aesthetic. For example, check out Brooklyn-based electronic vocalist EVAN GIIA’s Spotify page. Her profile image, centered shot of the artist herself, matches the aesthetic of her recent singles’ album artwork — all of which feature centered images of the singer.  A simple, yet highly-effective effort. You’ve got our follow, EVAN GIIA.

EVAN GIIA's Spotify Profile Page

Use Artist’s Pick to Share Updates with Fans

Think of the Artist’s Pick section on your Spotify profile as a place to give status updates. Via Spotify For Artists, you can easily choose different things to highlight so they are top-of-mind when fans visit your profile — from new releases and upcoming shows, to your own curated playlists, playlists you’re featured on, and more.

For example, check out Chicago R&B vocalist Jean Deaux’s artist page. Using Artist’s Pick, Deaux not only makes sure we know her latest single, “Energy” is available to be streamed, but also that even more new music is on the way. *Hits follow button and eagerly refreshes Release Radar playlist.*

Jean Deaux's Spotify Profile


Another great example of how to use Artist’s Pick comes from genre-bender and Soulection-affiliate, Naji. Each artist on Spotify now has a Concerts Page that populates automatically with upcoming shows listed on Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite and Songkick. Sure, fans may know to check that tab every now and then to see when you’re performing in their city, but it’s even better if you can guide them and promote your concerts. In Naji’s example, he highlights an upcoming NYC gig, and lets his fans know that it’ll be his only show in the Big Apple in 2018. *Buys tickets immediately*

Naji's Spotify Profile


Finally, check out LA-based pop songstress Carlie Hanson’s use of Artist’s Pick where she highlights her regularly updated MY SHIT playlist. Creating a playlist where you can include your own music, songs that inspire you and tracks from your friends not only gives fans a bigger glimpse into your world, but also gives you something to regularly promote while fans wait for your next release.

Carlie Hanson's Spotify Profile


Introduce Yourself to Fans with an Artist Bio

Spotify For Artists allows you to update your Artist Bio with ease, which means you can keep it up-to-date with your latest news & accolades. When you log in, simply go to Profile, then Artist Bio and get creative — some artists use this section to simply write about themselves, others address inspiration and upcoming releases. You can even link to anything on Spotify in this section, so feel free to promote past releases, influences, collaborators and more.

How you use it is totally up to you, just be sure to keep it under 1,500 characters.

Connect Your Social Media Channels & Create an Image Gallery

Spotify For Artists now enables you to boost your About Page by adding in links to your Twitter, Instagram & Facebook so that your fans know where to find you across platforms. Taking it a step further, you can also now create an Image Gallery that appears at the top of your About Tab.

When everything is filled out and consistently updated, Artist Pages on Spotify can look robust, curated and tailored to each artist’s specific look and voice. A great example of this is R&B/pop powerhouse Malia Civetz. With her Spotify profile complete with a bio, social links, images of the artist herself and the playlists she’s been placed on (which autopopulate to your page), Civetz is easily engaging fans and enticing them to hit the Follow button for more.

Malia Civetz's Spotify Profile

Add Team Members to Your Account

As an artist, it’s your job to create music, and that can leave little time to keep every single channel up-to-date. Luckily, Spotify For Artists allows you to add team members to your account with varying levels of access, so that you can delegate some of the tactical work of updating your profile, and focus on making great art.

To start building your team on Spotify For Artists, simply click the arrow next to your name, and then go to ‘Manage Team.’ From there, start adding in email addresses to invite bandmates, managers, labels or any other members of your team to your account.

Depending on who you’re adding, you may want to give them different access. Spotify For Artists allows you to choose between the following:

Full Access: Great for your manager or other bandmates, this is like an extension of your level of access. Anyone added to your Spotify For Artists profile will Full Access can edit your page, view stats and invite other team members.

Edit Access: Best for team members like a booking agent or publicist. Anyone with this level of access can update your profile and invite other team members (but only with Edit or View Access).

View Access: Use this for team members that need access to data, but don’t need to control settings (i.e. a lawyer or accountant). This level of access is self-explanatory — anyone with it can only view your account.

For more information on managing your team on Spotify For Artists, check out their handy blog post

How to Keep Your Spotify Profile Looking Fresh

Spotify For Artists makes connecting with fans on the platform more fun and engaging than ever. Stay on the lookout for even more ways to personalize your Spotify Artist page, and if you need some inspiration on other ways to engage with fans, read our blog posts Prioritizing Fans in the Streaming Economy and How Artists Can Make the Most of Instagram.

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