Our Product’s Progress

Last year, we published an article outlining our product philosophy at Stem: to provide an accurate model of payment flow in the music industry while leveraging data to communicate practical insights. By doing this, we build a stronger creator ecosystem.

In the past 12 months, we’ve collected many ideas and suggestions from artists, managers and record labels that believe in Stem’s answer to many of our industry’s shortcomings. Today, we are rolling out a platform redesign that directly addresses the feedback we’ve received.

This release focuses on three core features:

  • Web Dashboard
  • My Content & Detail Pages
  • iOS App

Web Dashboard

In our last iteration, we did a great job providing a lot of data with almost no context. As our users’ analytical home base, the Stem Dashboard (previously called At A Glance) was redesigned with the following question in mind: “How much money did I make, and where is it coming from?”

Our Dashboard is now broken up into three distinct sections. Overview provides high-level insight, breaking down performance by downloads and streams across albums, songs and videos. Platforms goes deeper, offering comparisons between digital service providers (such as Spotify and Apple Music) as well as ad-supported and subscription tiers of streaming. Lastly, Territories conveys a global perspective on performance, calculating breakdowns by region (such as North America and Africa) and by country. Simplified data visualizations show Stem users their personal lifetime earnings and respond dynamically to custom date range inputs.


our product, one year later - stem's second iteration


My Content & Detail Pages

Previously, we organized our users’ content, contracts and analytics by individual assets, which included videos, sound recordings and compositions. This approach proved to be too granular, not accurately reflecting the way our users search through and interact with their catalogs. As part of the Stem redesign, we’ve now organized My Content into albums, songs and videos. Keyword search and descriptive badge notifications provide the necessary tools to expedite the content management process.

Detail Pages have been redesigned to support the new My Content experience as well. Specifically, analytical breakdowns are more holistic at the album and song levels, borrowing many of the platform and territory data visualizations we implemented on Dashboard. Additionally, we’ve dramatically improved the contract management process by allowing users to accept multiple splits at once.

our product, one year later - v2 update


iOS App

With this release, we’re also launching a redesigned iOS application. Our new iOS Dashboard features analytics similar to its web counterpart and houses in-app notifications that call attention to our monthly payouts. Users can manage contracts efficiently, accept or reject splits and view shareholder information on the go. A tab bar at the bottom of the screen allows for quick, always exposed navigation.





What’s Next?

While we continue to refine these Web and iOS features regularly, we have already begun plotting the next phase of our platform redesign. In the coming months, we aim to simplify distribution and improve the payout experience with analytics and ACH integration. As we add functionality, we will continue to strive for a straightforward product and, consequently, a better ecosystem for creators.

We’re actively taking on new users to our private beta. Request an invite to Stem here.

Written by Ross Lindly & Jovin Cronin-Wilesmith