Now available: Downloadable royalty statements

You can now download all your royalty statements directly from your Payments page in Stem. Every time you receive a payment, the statement for that month’s earnings is ready for you – just click Generate to get an Excel download!

When I was an intern at an independent record label, royalty season meant the person in charge of royalty distribution disappeared for a week or more a few times a year to prepare statements for the artists on the roster. Using Stem, every artist on a label’s roster can get their splits automatically each month – and now, each shareholder can get their statement automatically as well.

Having easy access to your digital royalty statement means you’re more empowered to analyze your data and make decisions. You or your team can perform analyses to answer important questions, and use the statement for record keeping. It’s our mission to pay creators with clarity, and part of that clarity is making sure your data is available to you whenever you want.

We’re also working on some options for content administrators to be able to request custom statements, so you can get the data you want, structured the way you want.

We’re excited to make it even easier for you and your team to get your earnings data.

If you’d like to learn more about royalty statements and how to use them in Stem, check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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