Introducing Stem Check

Think you’ve just been offered an “artist-friendly” deal? Let us run the numbers for you.

Did you recently get an offer or do you have a distro deal in the works? Let us help you, your manager or anyone else on your team understand the financial implications before you sign on the dotted line. 

We believe the music industry should be less complicated – especially for the people creating the music. Today, being a musician also means being an entrepreneur, and in order to run a good business you need to understand the numbers.

We’ve been working with artists for years and we relate to how exciting it can be to be pursued. In talking with our Stem Direct members who are looking to elevate their career with an advance or an investment, we realized that no one on the artist’s team actually breaks down the financial implications of the offer on the table. We believe as the key decision maker of your business you should truly understand how much money you are giving up in exchange for the services offered. So we’ve set up a way to give you a lightweight financial model that considers your current revenue, assumptions for growth and the deal terms you are presented so that you can see what goes into your pocket and theirs.

With that said, we’re opening up the Stem HQ for a new free service:

Stem Check:

Who is it for: Artists, managers and independent labels

What to expect: Come meet face-to-face with finance experts who will build you a custom light-weight financial model so that it’s easy to understand the actual financial implications of the deal terms being offered. 

What do I need to bring with me:  

  • any earnings reports or statements so that we know your monthly income from your current distribution partner. 
  • Summary of deal terms or the contract if you have it.
  • Your laptop. 

When: Select Tuesdays from 4-7PM starting in October.

Where: The Stem HQ  in Los Angeles. 

At Stem, it is our belief that artists should have visibility into their business and be given all the information needed to make the right decisions for their business. Stem Check takes this idea one  step further by giving music industry professionals the data to land the deals they deserve. 

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