Four Reasons to Get Verified on Spotify (And How to Do It)

Credibility on the digital streaming platforms is important in today’s streaming economy. As an artist, Spotify verification opens the door to additional features and profile control. Read on to learn about how to get verified on Spotify after distributing music through a service like Stem.

Bonuses of Spotify Artist Verification

A blue check mark next to your artist name is an important milestone on social media and the streaming platforms. This provides an added level of notoriety and legitimacy for artists when fans search for their profiles to stream their music.  This blue check mark also unlocks some additional features for artists on Spotify, including the ability to:

  • update your profile image through Spotify for Artists
  • edit your artist biography in Spotify
  • view streaming statistics for your top 200 songs
  • utilize Artist’s Pick, which allows you to:
    • pin an album, song or playlist to the top of your Spotify profile
    • share your tour dates
    • add custom images for Artist’s Pick featured items

How to Submit for Verification

Both artists and managers can submit an artist to be considered for verification. First, you need to go to Spotify for Artists and click “Claim Your Profile.”


Once you’ve taken that step, you’ll be directed to a page asking to submit your artist name. From there, you need to select if you’re the artist or the manager representing the artist.



Following this, Spotify will have you log in and asks you a few questions. After a few days, that bright blue check mark will appear next to your profile and those additional features will become accessible.

For ways to utilize Spotify for Artists, check out our blog post highlighting how to keep your Spotify profile looking phresh.

Spotify artist verification is a small but important part of releasing your music on the streaming platform. It provides you with a few new features that you can weave into your marketing and promotion strategies to keep your fans engaged. Spotify verification also bolsters your credibility with fans and playlist curators alike.  The streaming platform recently made changes to their playlist submission process that enables anyone with a Spotify for Artists account to submit for playlist consideration. To learn more about this process, read Stem’s blog post, How to Pitch Your Music to Over 100 Spotify Playlist Editors.










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