Use Stem to kiss spreadsheets and IOUs goodbye

Split earnings with anyone

Producers, songwriters, vocalists, promotional partners, etc. Sleep easy knowing all of your collaborators will be paid each month.

Everyone gets paid monthly

Distribute through Stem & leverage all our financial tools.

  • Pay everyone from your manager to your photographer.
  • We handle the math every month, no more crunching numbers.
  • Each collaborator receives their own individualized dashboard.

Recoup expenses

A new simplified way to track and recoup your expenses before the splits are paid out.

  • Recoup across multiple releases
  • Control when recoupment ends
  • Recoup from external earnings
  • Provide shareholders with monthly recoupment updates

Data visualization

Create clarity around the business behind the vision.

  • Individualized dashboards for every shareholder
  • Personalized performance and revenue data visualized across platforms and territories
  • Simplified RIAA certification & registration with the data you need at your fingertips

Much more coming soon...
We’re building an entirely new model of distribution and payments, one feature at a time.

Manage budgets & expenses

One dashboard for your digital income

+ More in the Works