Stem’s February Top Fives

Stem artists spent February making the charts their home. Check out some of the real estate they claimed on Apple and Spotify.

Feb 10th:
5 Stem artists on Apple Music’s Top 100 Albums

If you had a look through Apple’s top albums on February 10th, you would have found five Stem artists and six albums distributed by Stem.

After debuting at #1 on four Billboard charts, including Current Country Albums and Independent Albums, HARDY’s “The Mockingbird & The Crow” had a fantastic February. From Apple’s top albums to over a hundred playlist features, it’s being heard everywhere.

Brent Faiyaz had two albums in Apple’s top 100, “Wasteland” and “Fuck the World.” “Fuck the World” passed its 3-year anniversary this month, proof of how quickly Brent’s music has earned timeless status.

After winning a Grammy for her contribution to Beyoncé’s “Plastic Off the Sofa,” Sabrina Claudio’s May ‘22 album “Based on a Feeling” reached new heights, hitting #2 on the Apple Music R&B chart and #8 on Spotify’s Top Albums Debut USA chart.

Rounding out Stem’s contribution to the top 100 albums was Morgan Wallen with “If I Know Me,” a classic from Stem’s long-time collaboration with Big Loud; and Frank Ocean’s “Blonde,” the album that first gave Stem its game-changing reputation.

Feb 24th:
5 Stem artists on New Music Friday

If you listened to Spotify’s New Music Friday on February 24th, you have heard five songs distributed by Stem.

Richy Mitch and the Coal Miners’ “Thunderhead” wasn’t just a Spotify favorite. It was also highlighted with a TikTok banner thanks to its instant earworm potential and the help of Stem’s social strategy team.

Beauty School Dropout’s jxdn-featuring “FREAK” is Stem’s first release with Verswire, a new joint venture between Veeps’ Sherry Saeedi, Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz, and veteran music manager Nick Lippman. Inspired by the VC model, it’s disrupting the industry-standard artist payout process with a business plan that allows artists to immediately participate in revenue streams while keeping a majority of their masters. Like Stem, Verswire is changing the game by putting artists first.

New Music Friday also highlighted PRETTYMUCH’s “Same Place,” Jidenna’s “Blush,” and’s “Water My Heart” featuring Mereba.

That’s the kind of presence Stem is proud to have. At Stem, we push our artists’ wildest creative visions day in, day out. February ’23 was one more month when 24/7 dedication paid off.

Stem’s February Top Fives

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