What Is A Shareholder?

A shareholder is a collaborator who owns part of a creative work. In other words, someone entitled to a portion of a song's revenue. For example, shareholders include producers, songwriters and performers. Videographers, editors and engineers can also count as shareholders.

If I Give Stem All of My Assets & Metadata, Can You Upload My Content for Me?

No, Stem does not manually upload user content. Users must enter all required metadata information (e.g. correct song title). Additionally, users must provide all required assets (e.g. properly formatted single artwork). Finally, users must click "Submit" for Stem to then distribute to streaming platforms.  

I Have A Very Important Release & Need It to Go Live Sooner Than the Required Five Business Days. Can Stem Rush My Release for Me?

Stem cannot rush releases to the platforms. It is the responsibility of the uploader to make sure they are allowing enough time for their content to go live on the platforms.

Can I Edit My Splits & Metadata After Uploading to Stem?

Yes, users can edit their metadata. However, we suggest that all shareholders have agreed to their splits before uploading. Our system reverts a contract to 'Pending' when the content uploader edits splits. As a result, all shareholders must accept their splits again. This can postpone payment for at least one month. If you would like to edit your content, please email [email protected].

Do All Shareholders Need to Accept Their Splits for Stem to Distribute My Content?

Stem will distribute content after users finish uploading it. However, our consensus-based payment model requires split acceptance from all shareholders before anyone receives earnings. 

If it takes some time for all shareholders to accept their splits, don't worry! Stem indefinitely keeps earnings safe until content owners approve their percentages. To learn more about what to do after your music hits the internet, click here