What Is Stem's Minimum Lead Time to Guarantee My Content Goes Live When I Want It to?

Stem requires a minimum lead time of five business days to ensure your content goes live on your selected platforms.

If you would like to pitch for playlisting consideration, you must submit the release to our system 30 days prior to your intended release date.

If you upload your content after the listed deadlines, our system will still deliver it to all of your selected platforms. However, we cannot guarantee your release will go live on each platform by your intended release date.


Can I Edit My Splits & Metadata After Uploading to Stem?

Yes, users can edit their metadata. However, we suggest that all shareholders have agreed to their splits before uploading. Our system reverts a contract to 'Pending' when the content uploader edits splits. As a result, all shareholders must accept their splits again. This can postpone payment for at least one month. If you would like to edit your content, please email [email protected].

Does Stem Help Me Make Money From SoundCloud Streams?

Yes, we can help you make money from SoundCloud! Stem is able to collect earnings generated from ad-supported and subscription streaming. Helping you make money from platforms like SoundCloud is one of the core reasons why we do what we do.

money from soundcloud

If I Choose to Monetize SoundCloud, Will Ads Play Before My Music Does?

By selecting the option to monetize SoundCloud in your Stem app, you enable ads to run on your content. You will collect earnings from both ad-supported & subscription streams as a result. Non-subscription listeners encounter a promoted, branded clip when they play a monetized song.