Music Streaming Services (Digital Service Providers, or DSPs)

When you see the term “DSP,” or “Digital Service Provider,” what does it mean? Generally, we are discussing music streaming services, or music storefronts. However, a digital service provider (DSP for short) is a company that provides an outlet to distribute media online, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.. In this section, you can find frequently-asked questions about our platform partners. 

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What Streaming Services Integrate With Stem?

Stem currently works with all major music streaming services. For example, we have integrated with Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Content ID & YouTube Art Tracks. We know how important it is to cover all bases.


Will Stem Ever Expand to Include Other Streaming Service Integrations?

We are always looking to add streaming service integrations. In fact, if you have a suggestion, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected].