What Is Stem?

Stem is a platform that tracks revenue streams & splits earnings for artists & their teams. We provide a clear financial picture at all times to empower creators with data-driven insights and peace of mind.

What Streaming Services Integrate With Stem?

Stem currently works with all major music streaming services. For example, we have integrated with Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Content ID & YouTube Art Tracks. We know how important it is to cover all bases.


Can You Tell Me How Stem Works?

Stem works directly with platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon to manage content for our users. To get started on Stem, first create an account. Next, upload original music for distribution. Once you finish there, select your platforms for delivery. Last but not least, tell us who's due what share of revenue. You can handle each step with nothing but a computer and internet access.

Once we distribute your work, we collect the earnings, share revenue and performance data in a unified dashboard, and pay everyone directly each month so you can sleep at night. Happy collaborating.

What Is A Shareholder?

A shareholder is a collaborator who owns part of a creative work. In other words, someone entitled to a portion of a song's revenue. For example, shareholders include producers, songwriters and performers. Videographers, editors and engineers can also count as shareholders.

Will Stem Ever Expand to Include Other Streaming Service Integrations?

We are always looking to add streaming service integrations. In fact, if you have a suggestion, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected].

What Is the Term of the Agreement With Stem?

There's no term requirement to use Stem. Use us to release your content how you want to, when you want to, and cancel at any time. We actually encourage artists and their teams to test us out for a single or two. If you enjoy the experience and want to release more work through Stem, we'll be here to help.


What Do I Need to Use Stem?

In order to use Stem, you need original music or video content and a bank or Paypal account.

How Often Does Stem Release Updates for Its Application?

We constantly work to improve Stem and regularly release new features on an ongoing basis. To ensure you enjoy the best Stem experience possible, always confirm the iOS application on your iPhone is up-to-date. (Don't worry, we will remind you when new updates go live.)

Our web dashboard automatically reflects these changes. Once we make those changes available to users, you will see them the moment you log in. We recommend using Stem in Google Chrome. However, we are compatible with other browsers.

If you have ideas or recommendations, email us at [email protected].

How Much Does It Cost to Use Stem?

Stem takes 5 percent. That's it.

What Is A Musical Composition?

A musical composition consists of a song's written melody and lyrics. The author of a musical composition is generally the composer. Additionally, if there are lyrics, the writer would also qualify as an author.