We take care of our own.

We’re proud to offer Stem Direct members concierge-level support from music industry specialists, which requires a selective application process.

We’re interested in professional artists, labels, and managers who are building their businesses independently, have a strong vision and are experienced at releasing music. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

Like everything else we create, Stem Direct’s membership fee is clear. Our platform is designed to function as an extension of your team, charging a simple 10% on your gross revenue.

No surprises, no sketchy fine print.

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Stem Direct Membership

As a Stem Direct member, your team gets the data, support, and transparency you need to make the right moves, build your bottom line, and stay in control.

All Stem Direct Membership Features:

Upload & manage content

Distribute original music to monetize on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and more.

Metadata edits

Update and make changes to your music's metadata at any point.

Speed to stores

We deliver your music to stores within 5 business days.

Scheduled releases

Customized scheduled release dates with windowing platforms and territories.

Manage contracts

Memorialize revenue share agreements on sound recordings & compositions.

Revenue splitting

Easily split a project's earnings between its collaborators.

Shareholder Dashboard

Each collaborator on the project has a personalized dashboard to view their share of earnings.

Monthly payments

Stem automatically pays you and your shareholders on the 15th of every month.

Stem Direct Account Manager

Fast, direct responses from your dedicated Stem Direct Account Manager. No more funneling through several parties before your needs are met.

Strategy meetings

Access to our Stem Direct Strategy Team who can advise on your release strategy.

Playlist pitching

Access to the Stem Direct pitching team for consideration on each release.

Live links & pre-saves on request

24 hours turnaround.

Stem dashboard

View your earnings and data in your personalized Stem dashboard.

Artist profiles

Our team will help you set up and customize your artist pages on the DSP's.

Access to beta features like Trending Daily Data (coming soon!)

Reach out to your Stem Direct Account Manager to be placed in our beta group.

Are you an organization that wants to make Stem available to your artists?

We have memberships for labels currently earning over $1M per year or have direct deals with platforms.