Stem for Artists & Producers– The all-in-one platform to manage your money and your music

Less Dependence, More Control

  • Priority Distribution
    Distribute music whenever and however you want. You call the shots.
  • We answer your calls
    Your dedicated Account Rep is ready to answer your questions and guide you through our platform.
  • Be truly autonomous
    Establish your own release cadence and take advantage of our flexible terms.
  • We’re your advocate
    Let our strategists champion you to the DSPs and generate impactful opportunities for your project.
Shy Martin
“Releasing music through my own label has been a big change for me. Stem has been really helpful supporting me with whatever questions I’ve had, which has made the whole process a lot more easy and fun.”

SHY Martin

Leverage Your Data, Be Strategic

bbno$ - photo credit: Ed Gumuchian
“Being independent and self managed, contracts and splits are always a sticky situation. Stem takes out the use of external contracts and entirely simplifies distribution of my music.”
  • Empower your team
    Give access to your account without sharing your password. Control what your team can see and do on your behalf.
  • Streamline payments
    Guaranteed monthly payments to you & your collaborators.
  • Gain trust
    Collaborating with signed artists & writers? The consistency and clarity of our accounting ensures everyone gets their cut.
  • Transparent recoupment
    See the status of your project at all times whether you’re the one who came out of pocket or are recouping.

Money Your Way

  • Money upfront
    Advances for literally anything you need.
  • Secure the bag and your masters
    We won’t ever claim ownership of your music. We can advise (but will never dictate) how to use the advance.
  • Create a flowthrough for yourself
    You decide how much of your income pays down your advance. Need to keep a portion to pay your bills? No problem.
Alex Goot
“Transparency is what I like about Stem and what I’ve always liked about Stem.”
Alex Goot