We're Stem.

We believe that getting paid for your creative work should be simple.

We're building a platform to bring clear and timely payments to the creative class. One where, for each song you write and recording you make, it's simple to understand and collect the money you've earned. One where artists no longer need to enroll in multiple services and attempt to manage them all while still creating. Between hunting down fractions of dollars that you are owed to the actual splitting of those earnings every recurring payment, getting paid in full as a creator is incredibly overcomplicated. Stem tracks and organizes revenue streams for artists and their teams, ensuring everyone involved has access to precise, actionable data and monthly payments. No more juggling earnings statements from different services and not knowing when your next payment is coming. No more splitting each payment manually and chasing collaborators to pay you. Stem's simple web and iOS dashboards enable you to upload content, manage contracts, track revenue and share earnings. So keep playing, writing and recording. We'll handle the rest.

    The Co-founders


Stop chasing money. Get started on Stem.