The 7% Panel, Presented by TRAKGIRL & Stem.

The music business is constantly changing. We’re here to help you navigate it, whether you’re producing, promoting your own music, or working with a label. We’re building tools for the future of the industry, designed to protect the integrity of the artist.

At Stem, we believe that artists should have visibility into their business in a clear, digestible way. We believe that collaborators should feel free to invest in new artists, knowing they’ll get paid. And we believe that specialized teams deserve special tools to amplify business. Our platform offers customized, flexible distribution solutions.

Founded in 2015, Stem makes it easy for artists and labels to distribute music, manage contracts, share data, split royalties, and stay independent. We’re proudly based in LA.

Keep playing, producing, and promoting. We’ll handle the rest.

The 7% Panel, Presented by TRAKGIRL & Stem.

Meet our Chief

For Stem CEO Milana Rabkin Lewis, music is more than passion — it’s identity. Born in Lithuania to a family of musicians, raised in Detroit, and trained in Los Angeles, Milana has grit, storytelling, and entrepreneurship in her DNA.

As the youngest and first digital media agent in Hollywood, she broke records and redefined business norms. Milana represented a range of creators across all verticals at UTA, helping them to connect directly with their fans by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and emerging distribution platforms.

Today, she continues to champion for the creative class as the leader of Stem — a company founded to bring clarity to the music business. “Nobody else cares about protecting the integrity or the interests of the artist,” Milana explains. “All other services exist to service the labels or service distributors, and no one’s created financial tools that are artist-first. That’s our sweet spot.”

At her core, she believes in empowering creators to control their careers. “There’s a perception that artists should only focus on the creative and just trust someone else with their business. I think that’s bullshit. We see artists as entrepreneurs who, when given the data, are capable of making smart business decisions.”

Milana has been recognized as “30 Under 30” in 2017 by both Forbes and Inc Magazine, was named one of Refinery29’s “30 under 30″ most influential rising stars in 2012, and featured in Hollywood’s “New Leaders” by Variety.

Read her full story here.

Our Team

Stem’s Finance and People Operations Team works to ensure that you’re are paid in a timely manner for your creative work, without hassles or confusion.

Our Client Team comes from major players like Universal Music Group, CAA, Apple Music, and others. They’ll be your support as you release your music to the world.

The Development Team builds and updates Stem’s smart, efficient features. You may hear from them from time to time as they optimize our platform.