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Stem Royalty Services

Simplify your royalties with our new Royalty Services.

Royalty services-you don’t need to be an expert to pay artists fairly and on time.

Reclaim your Creative Control—We're here to advocate for your vision. You call the shots.

“For Justine’s space + time project, visuals were top priority. Thanks to Scale we were able to get funding within a matter of days and hopped on a plane to shoot the way we all envisioned it, without any compromising.”

Emily & Elena

Money Your Way—Get cash to fuel your next project without giving up any ownership.

Unf*cking the music industry, one feature at a time.

Intuitive Distribution

Data Visualization & Insights

Direct Payments to Collaborators

Artist-friendly Advances

Comprehensive Recoupment

+ More in the Works

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